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"Keep Your Inventory Up To Date
Know How Much You Have In Stock"

Warehouse & Inventory Management

The Warehousing Module support multi-location inventory management that keeps track of stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments.

Ximple's Warehousing and Inventory modules offer:

  • Option of managing inventory by location
  • Adjust Item Quantity, Location and Cost
  • Full physical Inventory or Partial physical Inventory by:
    • Supplier
    • Location
    • Item group
  • Manual stock adjustment by:
    • Lot Numbers
    • Serial Numbers
    • Cost & Stock
  • Real-time stock location and availability check
  • Handheld application for reading or scanning location and item barcodes during receive, picking and put away
  • Tracking serial/lot numbers and expiration dates
  • Easy receipt entry of goods from suppliers and other warehouses
  • Automated and manual transfers between distribution centers, primary or secondary warehouses based on demand:
    • Stock resupply transfer
    • Overstock transfer including damaged and defective items
  • Automated damaged and defective material return to supplier
  • Comprehensive shipment management that allows:
    • Setup Multiple carriers & shipping methods
    • Setup delivery routes
    • Create custom trip templates & Scheduling
    • Manage shipping packing slips and label printing
    • Automate best delivery route selection base on delivery address
    • Notify customers by email when send out shipment
    • Streamline the process for shipment billing and payment collection at the time of delivery

Catalog Module

Keeping track of your company's products has never been easier. The Catalog module allows you to setup:

  • Brands
  • Manufacturers
  • Product Type
  • Product Category
  • Product Line
  • Unit of Measure
  • Packaging

Each of which is applied to the products maintained in the system.

Manage Products

Viewing and managing the products in the catalog is done through the Product option. From there you can edit all aspects of the product, from preferred vendor and vendor prices, to defining order point and discounts.


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