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"One Solution for All Your Order Entry Needs!"

XImple Order Entry

The Order Entry Module is designed to provide a method for filling and shipping orders according to inventory availability. It performs an extremely valuable function by providing a direct link to the Accounts Receivables and Warehousing modules and provides the capability to query any account or data item field to obtain information on the status of an order and whether a shipment is on hand, back ordered, or committed.

Ximple gives freedom to the customer, allowing them to log into their own account and place orders as they need them.

Ximple supplies your company with several ways in which to take orders:

  • Online Customer entry
  • Over the Counter Sales
  • Over the Phone Orders
  • Special Projects Orders

Sales Staff

Because of the system's intuitive nature, cross training of sales staff is a breeze. The same employees that take counter orders or handle phone orders can do the others job without need to retrain and at the same time enables them with:

  • Lot Billing
  • Direct Shipments / EBO's
  • Create quotes on the fly
  • Allow EDI Ordering

Order Management

Ximple will let you manage your orders and your customers in a single step. These two are tied up together to make you more efficient and productive. With a single action of your mouse or keystroke you are enabled to:

  • Look up customer's data and credit worthiness
  • Look up for products, prices, availability
  • Search over product features
  • Access multimedia literature of the product
  • Retrieve SPA information if available

Customer Price Management

The system has a multiple layered pricing schema, which allows companies to provide customers with a flexible policy that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding of them. These layers, which can be combined with tier pricing and/or UOM combinations, allow the company to:

  • Setup sales prices by mark up percentage on Purchase Price , various Cost or Targeted Return
  • Simplifying the task of calculating or generating sales prices
  • Easily setup prices by Item, Item group, Customer, Customer group, store, etc...
  • Also provide Quantity Discount, Cash Discount and Promotion Discount into pricing strategy
  • Setup customer prices based on SPA prices
    • Individual or multiple customer price agreements can be entered into the system and are applied automatically at time of sale.

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