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It's Ximple at The Hite Company

"Ximple Solutions has proven to be a valuable partner and their software has helped fuel our growth" - R. Lee Hite, Chairman

Since August 2010 The Hite Company, headquartered in Altoona, Pennsylvania, has been using Ximple Solutions ERP software. XimpleTM is used by the company’s 285 employees on a daily basis providing the services and tools required to run the companies 22 branches and five Lighting Showrooms.

“Prior to implementing XimpleTM, we were running on an antiquated legacy business system. In 2007 it was decided by the management team that a modern system was needed in order to better manage our growth and leverage new technologies with customers and vendors. After investing significant time evaluating a number of traditional industry packages, we determined that XimpleTM provided everything needed for a smooth transition process as well as the flexibility to implement all the new technologies we sought.

XimpleTM has been fully integrated into all business segments of our organization and all types of work performed by our associates. XimpleTM is being used for all aspects of our day to day business, from our sales and purchasing staff to our warehousing and accounting departments. Our management personnel uses the high end reporting and drill down capabilities to navigate operations and make informed decisions every hour of every day. It also serves us as a host for The Hite Company's B2B portal (hiteco.com) and as a document repository center managing all of the company's relationships with suppliers and customers. XimpleTM provides the company with enhanced product information search capabilities, as well as information uploading capabilities – we can upload customer, vendor and inventory information that will update our system data using standard spreadsheets.

With XimpleTM we have improved customer ordering, whether through the web portal, EDI, over the phone or at the counter, real-time information for stock availability and pricing has translated to increased fill-rates with reduced inventory levels and enhanced customer service. Ximple’s Purchasing module is the force that drives our four central distribution warehouses and takes full advantage of multiple EDI transaction types with over 70 vendors.

We continue to implement additional features and modules of Ximple as we become more familiar with the system. The warehouse management module, or WMS, using RF bar-code is being tested and soon to be implemented in all 4 regional distribution centers. This system will streamline picking and shipping, along with receiving and stock put away functions. This increased operational efficiency will make our employees more productive and better able to serve the needs of our customers and satellite branch locations.

Best of all, Ximple Solutions, LLC. is a very responsive organization committed to the success and future of the software.”

R. Lee Hite, Chairman
The Hite Company

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